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"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Thomas Jefferson

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A political & humor blog also featuring movie & TV drinking games and other humor, funny signs, and ways to make money off the internet.

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Chinese open door policy, and goodbye for a while

This is going to be my last post for an indefinite period of time due to some personal issues. I don't feel like trying to entertain or work on the site right now.

Amuse yourself with these photos of President Bush being outwitted by Chinese doors. The headline at Atrios is great. Scroll down a bit more to see the story, or just go here.

posted by Jonathan @ 10:17 PM Sunday, November 20, 2005  
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Ironic road rage in Colorado

From Littleton, Colorado, noted home of responsible gun owners, here's an interesting road rage incident.
An early-morning road rage incident ended when one motorist pulled a shotgun and fired it at another driver, police said Thursday.

The incident happened at about 1:30 p.m. in 7700 block of South Broadway when the driver of a Toyota Corolla threw what appeared to be a soda can at the shooting victim's vehicle as the two cars drove south.

Police said the two drivers stopped their cars near South Santa Fe Drive and South Prince Street and got out to exchange words. The victim said the suspect pulled out a shotgun and fired it at him, striking him in the upper torso, arm and head.
And here's the best part of the story.
The assailant's vehicle was described as a tan or gold Toyota Corolla with "V6" on the trunk lid and possible a "Respect Life" license plate.

Way to respect life there, buddy. I guess if it isn't a fetus, you are free to shoot at it with a shotgun.

No, you can't steal that for a t-shirt, it's mine.

posted by Jonathan @ 11:00 PM Friday, November 18, 2005  
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David Cross sounds off on the cancellation of Arrested Development, plus a petition you can sign

David Cross sounds off on the cancellation of Arrested Development

I have a motherfucking Masters degree in motherfucking International Marketing. I will gladly market your motherfucking show!

(Which reminds me, I really do need to put up a bio, so people can know a little bit more about me)

Oh, and please go sign this petition to save Arrested Development.

And this one too.

posted by Jonathan @ 5:47 PM Monday, November 14, 2005  
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Campaign rally for Jim Pederson, featuring Senator Barack Obama

Yesterday I went to the campaign rally for Jim Pederson, who is trying to take Jon Kyl's seat in the U.S. Senate. The special guest speaker was Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. Obama really stole the show, but I suppose that was what he was supposed to do. Most of the people were there to see him, but at least people are more aware of Pederson now.

Obama spoke for a few minutes. What he said was nothing I haven't heard him say before, but that was okay. He is a fantastic speaker. I can really see people getting behind him if he does decide to run for President or Vice President someday. He is certainly a breath of fresh air compared with stuffy, boring politicians (I'm looking at you, John Kerry). He is left-handed as well, which makes him infinitely cooler. The crowd was very optimistic as a whole. If we don't take back Congress in 2006, I will be very disappointed.

After the speeches, Obama greeted the crowd. I was surprised with how long he stayed. He shook hands with nearly everone afterward (including me) and he signed autographs for nearly everyone who wanted one (including my copy of his book). Poor Pederson had a much smaller crowd around him, but I met him as well. One of the pictures I took of him made him look like Don Rickles. I don't know if that is a good thing or not.

I also videotaped Obama's speech with my camera. Unfortunately, the file size is 565MB. I have no idea how to edit it. It's a good thing I have that 1 gig memory card.

Terry Goddard Congressman Raul Grijalva Jim Pederson Senator Barack Obama

Terry Goddard, Congressman Raul Grijalva, Jim Pederson, Senator Barack Obama

Portrait of Senator Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama greets the crowd after the event

Barack Obama greets the crowd after the event.

posted by Jonathan @ 9:43 AM Sunday, November 13, 2005  
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Arrested Development cancelled

arrested development cast photo

Arrested Development has been cancelled. Its order for this season has been cut off at 13 episodes by Fox. There is an off chance that someone else will pick it up, but for now it looks dead. I'd love to see what a channel like HBO would do with it but who knows what will happen. My Arrested Development Drinking Game is one of the most popular pages on my site. Hopefully someone will rescue the show and we all will be able to keep playing the game in the future.

What a shame. Shows like According to Jim and "Yes, Dear" draw viewers and stay on the air, desipite being mindnumbingly boring and unoriginal. But one of the most creative shows in the history of television gets the ax. I really hate how stupid the people in this country are sometimes. God forbid anyone watches a show that might make you think a little.

I am sure I will have more on this in the coming days, once I find out more about the efforts to keep the show alive. I do know though that fans of the show are dedicated, so maybe we'll be able to make a difference.

posted by Jonathan @ 12:36 AM Saturday, November 12, 2005  
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Teen elected mayor of town

Remember my last post? The one where I mentioned how I write my name in for offices in the off-chance I will be elected?

Well, apparently it's possible. Michael Sessions, an 18-year-old high school student, has been elected mayor of Hillsdale, Michigan through write-in votes. Not only did he win, he beat the incumbent.

The story may not be over, though. Apparently, only 2 votes are separating the two candidates. Even if the incumbent manages to win after a recount or the disqualification of some of the write-in votes, that's pretty damn embarassing.

I can understand how the guy might be able to coordinate a lot of young people to vote for him. But how on Earth did he convince older people to do so as well? That must be one awful mayor to have people deciding that an 18-year-old would do a better job.

Edit: Daily Dissent has video of Michael Sessions on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. He seems like a bit of a moron, but at least he's trying.

posted by Jonathan @ 9:47 PM Thursday, November 10, 2005  
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Today's post is brought to you by Frank Zappa, Helen Keller, and the Number 2

Everyone has written in someone else's name on a ballot at some point. Every election, I usually write my own name in against someone who is running unopposed for some office that I think would be interesting. I figure, if something happens to that person, maybe I'll end up winning.

Anyway, WFMY News in Greensboro, NC has published a list of some of the write-ins for local offices.

Some of the highlights:

Richard Nixon
Christopher Reeves
Tony Stewart
Desmond Tutu
Oscar the Grouch
Frank Zappa
Helen Keller
The Number 2
The Number 4
General Zod

Strangely, "The Number 2" received 5 votes. Were people voting for a Sesame Street-style "2", or were they just voting for a big pile of shit?

posted by Jonathan @ 9:29 PM  
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Clips from The Daily Show from Monday 11/7/05

Last night's episode of The Daily Show had a couple of clips worth mentioning.

In the first, Jon Stewart presented some of the questions that are asked on the final exam in the President's ethics refresher class. A sample question:
1. Which of the following images would most accurately be described as torture?

A. Lyndie England

B. Guantanamo Bay

C. Scott McClellan giving a press conference
The other clip that is worth a viewing is Jon's interview of Senator Barack Obama. I really like Obama. He comes across as very honest plus he has a damn good sense of humor as evidenced by the interview. I will hopefully be seeing Obama speak on Saturday, and if I will do I will try and take some pictures and video and post them here. Hey, original content, what a concept!

Comedy Central has the clips posted on their site, though I can't get them direct link, you can view the 2 clips I mentioned by clicking on "Jon Stewart videos" and then "Ethics Class" for the first one, and then "Celebrity videos" and "Barack Obama" for the second.

posted by Jonathan @ 9:30 PM Tuesday, November 08, 2005  
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Video of Scott McClellan's White House press briefing today

By now you should know that I am quite entertained by Scott McClellan.

Today I present to you video of today's White House press briefing (or more accurately, a link to where you can find said video at Crooks and Liars.

The discussion centers mostly on whether or not the CIA should be allowed to torture people, though at the end there's a nice discussion/non-discussion about whether or not Scooter Libby will be pardoned.

McClellan's hair line is retreating into Dick Cheney's secret underground cave. By 2008, the man will be completely bald. Can you blame him? It can't be easy having to be the mouthpiece for someone who is a powerless puppet himself.

posted by Jonathan @ 9:14 PM  
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Alabama governor calls for Aruba boycott

Alabama governor calls for Aruba boycott

The gist of this story is that the Governor of Alabama and the mother of Natalee Holloway are calling for a travel boycott of Aruba. They are doing so because they believe the police there are not doing enough to investigate Natalee's disappearance.

I'm sorry, but why should we as Americans expect every single country to be able to solve every single criminal case when we can't do the same here? And why do we expect them to put any special emphasis on a case just because a precious blonde American was the one who disappeared? I am sure that the authorities are doing what they can to investigate the case. Having American blowhard politicians and interfering moms constantly criticizing them and calling for a boycott of their island certainly will not motivate them to do more.

I'm tired of hearing about this story. She is one girl. One girl who was stupid enough to leave a nightclub with a few guys she did not know in a country she did not know. I'm not saying she deserved to have anything happen to her, it is terrible that it did. But putting herself in that situation was certainly not a good idea.

Knowing that people are trying to start a boycott of Aruba over this only makes me want to go there more. In fact, I think I will. Will someone please buy me a ticket to Aruba?

posted by Jonathan @ 8:27 PM  
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Maury Povich, Connie Chung to star in inevitably boring MSNBC show

According to the New York Times, husband and wife Maury Povich and Connie Chung are going to be starring in a news-recap show on MSNBC starting in January.

The story says that "the as-yet-untitled, half-hour program - a review of the week's news that will fuse elements of "Meet the Press," the defunct "Crossfire" and "The Daily Show" - will appear on Saturday mornings and be rerun on Sundays."

Based on the picture in the article, they are loving and funny. I doubt they are funny, and loving makes for a pretty boring news show. The only show that is allowed to rip off The Daily Show is the Colbert Report. Nobody else is allowed, even if the show is actually being produced by one of the creators of The Daily Show. I command it to be so.

posted by Jonathan @ 9:55 PM Monday, November 07, 2005  
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Italian media: U.S. used white phosphorus on Iraqis

This is an interesting story that I found on AMERICAblog.

According to RAI, a leading media outlet in Italy, the United States used a chemical called "white phosphorus" on Iraqi combatants and civilians. While the chemical's main purpose is to illuminate enemy positions and create smoke clouds, the report accuses the U.S. military of using it to

I wonder if this is true or not. Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

But hey, Bush could claim he wasn't lying: there are chemical weapons in Iraq.

posted by Jonathan @ 9:40 PM  
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Fake journalism, real consequences, but we don't care

Have you ever wondered where they get the people for interviews on The Daily Show?

Well, wonder no more. MSNBC takes a look at some of those who have been made fun of on The Daily Show.

Alex Johnson of MSNBC is oh so witty when he uses the phrase "RICK JAMES, bee-YOTCH!" at one point and when he closes the story with "Back to you, Jon ...". There's a reason why he's not on Comedy Central.

posted by Jonathan @ 9:16 PM Sunday, November 06, 2005  
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Gotta love that Egg McMuff

I saw this sign earlier tonight & I had to take a picture and add it to the funny signs section.

funny mcdonalds sign egg mcmuff muff

Mmmmmm... Egg McMuff...

Dive in to one today!

posted by Jonathan @ 9:07 PM  
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Moon the klan!

Sorry for the lack of posts, everything's been acting up again.

Assuming this post makes it through, go check out http://www.moontheklan.blogspot.com/.

A bunch of people will be mooning a Klan rally in Austin, Texas today.

I meant to post it a couple of days ago, since the event is actually taking place right now. Maybe they will have some interesting stories and photos.

posted by Jonathan @ 1:04 PM Saturday, November 05, 2005  
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Scott McClellan must get dizzy from all the circles he runs around in

I don't have time to post anything creative and hilarious tonight, so amuse yourselves with the transcript of today's White House press briefing.

Besides, anything that I wrote would be nowhere near as funny as some of the things Scott McClellan says.

He is sounding more like the former Iraqi information minister every day.

posted by Jonathan @ 9:56 PM Wednesday, November 02, 2005  
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Harry Reid and the Democrats grow a spine

By now you have heard about how Harry Reid and the Democrats forced the Senate into a closed session today in order to discuss the intelligence that led to the invasion of Iraq.

I won't go into many details since others have done it much better (AMERICAblog, as always is at the top of the list). Crooks and Liars has the video of both Harry Reid closing the Senate as well as Bill Frist freaking out in response.

As Ed Henry pointed out on CNN, Bill Frist is not exactly one to talk about "Senate protocol", as he actively campaigned against Democratic leader Tom Daschle in 2004. And he is also under investigation as to whether or not he had too much knowledge about the shares of company stock he held in his family's company and whether or not inside information was used when he sold off his shares not long before the stock dropped

I will just say that it is about time that the Democrats are doing something to be taken seriously. Republican backlash is inevitable, but I think that the American people will appreciate the fact that this took some real balls to do. I also like the fact that this was done over a serious issue that everyone should be concerned with. Are the Republicans against national security? They sure do seem to be since they aren't taking Plamegate very seriously. It shouldn't take something like this to get answers, but maybe this will serve as a wake-up call that the Democrats are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it anymore.

Today I am proud to be a Democrat.

posted by Jonathan @ 10:20 PM Tuesday, November 01, 2005  
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Plamegate Haiku

Plamegate Haiku

Write a fun little haiku about the Valerie Plame scandal. Some of the ones up there right now are interesting.

My contribution:

In jail they ride Scooter
Karl watch out you are next
Their bitch you will be

posted by Jonathan @ 8:19 PM  
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