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"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Thomas Jefferson

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A political & humor blog also featuring movie & TV drinking games and other humor, funny signs, and ways to make money off the internet.

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Some comedy from Down Under

Here's a pretty funny video shot by a comedy show from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. They had a guy dress up as an American tourist and also in traditional Arab Muslim clothing and sent him to a couple of prominent potential terrorist targets in Australia with a handheld video camera. It is very interesting to see how the security guards acted completely differently depending upon which costume he wore.

After you watch that video, check out some of their other ones, they are funny as well.

posted by Jonathan @ 8:35 PM Wednesday, June 28, 2006  
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Going Going Ghana - The Daily Show tribute to the U.S. Soccer Team

The U.S. has come and gone in the World Cup. Jon Stewart gave the team a nice send-off though.

posted by Jonathan @ 8:19 PM Saturday, June 24, 2006  
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President Bush makes fun of vision-impaired reporter; Osama bin Landen?

Ah, the compassionate conservative strikes again.

Today, President Bush made fun of a vision-impaired reporter who was wearing sunglasses.

Watch the video of it here.

Tomorrow he has a full agenda. He is going to kick a deaf guy in the balls to see if he screams and then he's going to push a woman in a wheelchair down some stairs.

And in other news, we finally know why we have not yet found Osama bin Laden. It appears that we have actually been looking for someone named Osama bin Landen instead. We haven't found him either, so we fail on both counts.

posted by Jonathan @ 10:25 PM Wednesday, June 14, 2006  
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Coffee may cut alcohol liver damage

After the news from the other day that beer and pizza may prevent cancer, there is new medical evidence that coffee may cut liver damage.

If this is the case, then you can drink your way to a cancer-free life and then counter that liver damage by drinking coffee.

Science is fun.

As always, the researchers had to play the role of everyone's mom, saying "Even if coffee is protective, the primary approach to reduction of alcoholic cirrhosis is avoidance or cessation of heavy alcohol drinking."

posted by Jonathan @ 9:57 PM  
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Beer and pizza can fight cancer!

In health news, scientists have discovered that there are chemicals in beer that may help prevent prostate cancer.

This, coupled with previous findings that lycopene, which is found in tomatoes, also prevents cancer, means that beer and pizza can keep you from getting cancer.

Unfortunately, one must drink about 17 beers a day to have any benefit. And eat several pizzas.

Dr. Richard N. Atkins, CEO of the National Prostate Cancer Coalition, says "It's every man's dream to hear that beer and pizza can prevent cancer. However, the 17 beers and four large pizzas needed to get enough xanthohumol and lycopene to help prevent prostate cancer is unfortunately not advised."

A damn shame, but that won't stop me from trying anyway.

posted by Jonathan @ 9:18 PM Monday, June 12, 2006  
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Stephen Colbert graduates from Knox College

On Saturday, Stephen Colbert delivered the commencement address and received an honorary degree from Knox College.

You can find Colbert's entire commencement address here.

As usual, it's fantastic. I don't know if things like this and his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner are all written himself, or if he has other writers, but he is always hilarious.

Of course, he even jokes about this himself, saying "outsourcing is so easy that I had this speech today written by a young man named Panjeeb from Bangalore. If you don't like the jokes, I assure you they were much funnier in Urdu."

He also talks about the traditional aspects of the college experience:

Colbert: How great would it be if I could actually come back here - if I was coming back to my alma mater to be honored like this. I could share with you all my happy memories that I spent here in ... Galesburg, Illinois. Hanging out at the Seymour Hall, right? Seymour Hall? You know, all of us alumni, we remember being at Seymour Hall, playing those drinking games. We played a drinking game called Lincoln-Douglas. Great game. What you do is, you act out the Lincoln-Douglas debate and any time one of the guys mentions the Dred Scott decision you have to chug a beer. Well, technically 3/5 of a beer.

Colbert, plus a drinking game, I couldn't resist.

posted by Jonathan @ 10:27 PM Monday, June 05, 2006  
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