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Interested in making money and supplemental income simply by surfing the internet, reading email, doing surveys, or even just by using your computer? Well, you came to the right place. Here you will find tons of links to cool places where you can earn easy money. If you do join these sites, please use me as the person who referred you, we both can make money that way!

UPDATE 9/28/04: I'm still here :) The dot-com collapse has sent many companies under, but there are still plenty of companies out there paying real cash. I have gone through the links so EVERYTHING LISTED IS NOW CURRENT. For just a few minutes of time each day, you can see the checks roll in. I'm still recieving money. In fact, I received two checks just the other day. This is a great way to earn supplemental income.

UPDATE 3/11/00: Even more new sites have been added, so get out there and join, many of them have just started. I have also started recieving checks, I have recieved over $800 so far. Believe me, these programs work!

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Ways to Make Easy, Fast, Free, Plentiful Cash or Other Cool Things:

Featured site: Get Paid Cash or Sweepstake Opportunities for each survey you complete about movies, sports and products! - This one is a must! They send me several surveys a day. Plenty of opportunities to get a LOT of money!

IPSOS: IPSOS is one of the world's largest marketing research companies. This is one you should most definitely sign up for, they pay, and they pay well. Is your opinion worth a chance to win $1000?

Click Here To Win!
Nielsen is one of the most trusted names in research. Click above to join their panel (the process is easy and you can win great prizes and money!)

Globaltestmarket:This is an excellent survey site. I have made tons of money with this one. They send out surveys regularly and the pay rate is high. Definitely recommended.

Opinion Outpost:Another great survey site that you should definitely check out

SurveySavvy:Another survey site you should definitely sign up for. I have done many surveys for this company, including ones that paid $20 for about 15 minutes of my time!

Click Here

NFO Mysurvey:Plenty of surveys, and plenty of rewards. Another good one to sign up for.

Take Surveys with NFO & Go for $10,000

Lightspeed Surveys:Another one you should definitely sign up for, I have received payment from them several times. Take online surveys and earn cash and prizes. Sign up today and be entered into a $5,000 Sweepstakes.

Another great survey site!

Trueloot: This is a brand new site. You can earn money for receiving emails, text messages, and for using their ad viewer. This is the first new site of this kind to start up in a very long time, so get signed up now and start getting referrals early! This company has learned from the mistakes of the past, so look for it to do well.

Spidermetrix: Earn money for filling out surveys and reviewing websites. This is a little known site, but it looks promising and fun. Please use my referral name if you sign up.

Spidermetrix referral ID: asujon

Take Surveys for your chance to Win an iPod!

Cashsurfers: Get money for signing up for offers. They also have an ad viewer, however it is apparently being phased out. This is one of the few ad viewers still in existence. If you use your computer for several hours a day, just run this adbar and you will earn money for doing absolutely nothing. I have received money from this company.

Mypoints: A great way to earn gift certificates for pretty much whatever you want. I have gotten several gift certificates from them over the years so I know that they pay. This is one of the best companies out there. You can get points for reading emails, doing surveys, visiting websites, and for signing up for offers. If you join please use my referral code.

Mypoints referral code: Yankees133

Memolink: Similar to MyPoints, make money for visiting websites, doing surveys, and trying out offers.

HTmail: Make money for reading email ads and visiting websites. Pays REALLY well! I just received a check from them the other day. After a hiatus, they have been sending tons of emails recently. Return the email codes after visiting a site and get 12 cents per email. For a few seconds of your time for each email, isn't it worth it?

Mobiusglobalpanel: Make money by filling out surveys.

Itpaystolearn: Earn money by taking quizzes and completing offers.

Socraticforum: Earn money for completing research surveys.

Sixquestions: Earn points to spend on prizes by answering simple quizzes.

Take Surveys for your chance to Win an iPod!

PopularLink: Make $25 in IPO cash simply by signing up. Is it going to happen? I highly doubt it. But it doesn't hurt to sign up anyway.

PopularLink referral code: Yankees133@aol.com

Surfola: Make money for using their "browser". No download required, it simply just sits within a regular browser. Use it like you would use any other browser, and get paid today!! UPDATE: Well, the site is still there, which is more than I can say for most similar companies. The rewards program ended in 2001, but they say they might bring it back eventually. I doubt it, but sign up if you want.

Ignifuge: Make money for using the internet. They pay you for making their site your start page. Very easy, and you dont have to make any effort to make money! UPDATE: The site is still there, but nothing has been updated in years.

Mvalue: Get money for receiving emails. Get $2 for signing up.

Spedia: Another one that pays well for using their banner viewer and for playing cool games. Check it out for yourself.

MBS: Earn money by taking surveys.

Total E-mail: Make money by reading email ads.

Smoothlinks: Make money just by surfing the net! This one is very easy! Just sign up and start clicking!

Valuepay: Make money for using the internet.

Sendmoreinfo: Make easy money by reading emails. I have received checks from this company and they still send me tons of emails! This is definitely one to sign up with.

Allcommunity: Make money for using the internet (receiving emails, shopping). UPDATE: Well the site is still up, unlike most similar sites. But it looks pretty dead. Sign up if you want.

BannerUnion: Make money by viewing ads. UPDATE: The site is still there, but it looks dead. Sign up if you want.

Readclick: Get paid for reading emails. I have received money from this company (over $100 in fact!!!). Their mailings are sporadic, but what they do send, they pay a lot for. Definitely worth signing up for.

Startsampling: Earn points and get cool stuff simply by requesting free samples. If you sign up, please use my referral code.

Referral code: Yankees133

Freeride: Make money for visiting websites, signing up for free offers, and for shopping. Similar to MyPoints. If you sign up please use my referral code.

Referral code: Yankees133

Well thats all I have for now, but please keep checking back to find new offers, more will be added all the time. But here is an idea after you have joined all of these programs. Make a page of your own (with your own referral links of course), or tell your friends about this page if you dont have the time. Referrals are the key way to make thousands of dollars from these programs, so tell your friends today and get money for both of us!

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